Choosing the right mattress can be very difficult especially with so many options in front of your eyes. They have progressed well over the years. Their mattresses come in four models, the GravityLux, the EcoCloud, WinkBed, and PLUS each with its differences in foam, firmness, and properties. The dour models and their structures are described below.

  1. EcoCloud:

EcoCloud is a latex containing a hybrid mattress. It is filled with tatalay latex and consists of pocketed coils that play a vital role in relieving in hips and shoulders and supports the lower back. This is a great feature for a sleeper who often suffers from shoulder and hip pains. It’s organic cotton plus wool cover gives the mattress it’s the ability to keep the mattress cool and free of moisture. Additionally, the cover material meets the global organic textile standards Its firmness can be considered to be 5 on a scale of 10. This mattress is highly recommended for those who move a lot in their sleep as well as side sleepers. Reviews on Winkbed mattress will help you in purchasing that awesome mattress.

  • GravityLux mattresses:

This mattress is also one of WinkBed’s production constructed fully using foam. The four-layer of foams inside the mattress is infused with gel to keep the mattress cool and prevent the sleeper from getting hot. The mattress comes in three different firmness levels so you should know your preference. Its cover is made up of Tencel which makes the mattress itself very breathable and soft to touch. Breathability prevents moisture build-up. It also contains Air cell memory foam that is useful in relieving pressure points and support the spine. The mattress also consists of zone progression foam that is effective in providing targeted support at hips and is good for spinal arrangement. This helps maintain the posture of the body and avoid aches. Its high-density polyfoam support adds to the firmness of the mattress and prevents sagging.

  • WinkBed mattress:

The WinkBed mattress is a hybrid model that like other mattresses comes with four firmness options. These options include a softer, luxury firm, firmer, and PLUS. All three versions of WinkBed, firm, firmer, and softer contain polyfoam, micro-coils, and a pocketed coil core. However, the PLUS version is filled with latex, polyfoam, and a pocketed core like in other versions. It has a Tencel quilted cover which is effective in reducing heat so the sleeper does not wake up due to suffocation. Additionally, these mattresses are reinforced with a zoned, pocketed coil system to improve spinal alignment and provide targeted support. This version of WinkBed is highly recommended for people who sleep at the edge as it is specially designed for them.

WinkBed’s mattresses all have their qualities and it highly depends on your sleeping position which will suit you the best. Luckily, WinkBed offers a trial period to ensure all its customers are satisfied with their purchase and get a good night’s sleep.

Wrap up

There are many things before you make the final choice.  to consider. WinkBed has been producing luxury mattresses and selling them for many years.